Saturday, November 13, 2010

Complaints! Complaints! Complaints!

Have you ever felt like complaining?

Problem is your bestfriend is not around and you can't just trust anybody with it.  Hence, you need a bashing buddy who will just listen to your endless complaints WITHOUT JUDGING you, until you've finally figured out what to do.

Come on!  People think that we complain because we are just being negative.  Not at all!  Complaining is one way we unload a heavy feeling within us.  It doesn't mean we don't want to resolve it.  It just means we have to let it out in order to start resolving it.

There's just so many things to complain about.  Your husband, your job, your kids, your family, your in-laws, your boyfriend, your life!  It doesn't mean we don't love them to bits.  It just means we get tired and we need a break from them once in a while.

Look, let's have a deal.  I will let you use this page to complain and I will use this page to complain.  Tell me if you want my opinion about it, otherwise you're free to unload.  Let's just say, I'll be your BFF online.

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